JAPANESE contemporary artist

Base on traditional japanese painting material,and painting contemporary art. with japanese sprit,same as japanese restraunt,not western restraunt.  Similor as ZEN and KAISEKI.

He use his owm production paper which made  in his nepal himalayan  house,also ink he made by himself mixted japanese,indian and western.



it meens


not belong to the culture of europe,also not to USA,

I want to draw REAL MODERN JAPANESE drawing.

almost artists in japan belong to each side,one is europe style,the other side USA contemporary art,but I think we must draw real japanese modern fine art.also I must inform to other country REAL MODERN JAPANESE arts,not many,but some is drawing japanese modern art,but in japan,like this drawing, out of centre position.museum also.


so we must open museum, out of japan,KATHMANDU NEPAL,and show our arts to all over the world people,so we will start big gallery and museum in kathamndu,in japan, it's imoposible,because all places occupied by both side arts.


Return to tradition
Published: 5/04/2012 at 03:28 AM Newspaper section: Life 3
Thavibu Gallery presents "Neo-Japo", an exhibition of ink and pencil drawings and mixed media works by Japanese artists Ishida Katsu and Kitayabu Waa.

Ishida Katsu

The two artists have coined what they call Nippon-ism which is supposedly Japanese art prior to the introduction of Western influences in the country. Ishida and Kitayabu have collaborated over the years to explore their Japanese identity and how to create contemporary art based on traditional practice.

Ishida puts on display works created with Japanese ink on paper which is handmade in the Himalayan mountains in Nepal where he has a home. He has exhibited in Japan, Nepal, Korea and won several prizes.

Kitayabu, meanwhile, has produced a series of drawings which are simple and Zen-like to express his contemplative nature. The composition is simple, but he can use a multitude of lines drawn by pencil to convey his message. He has exhibited extensively in Japan and won several prizes as well.

'Neo-Japo' will be on display at Thavibu Gallery from Saturday-May 4. The opening reception is on Saturday 7 at 5pm. The gallery is located on the 3rd floor of Silom Galleria on Silom Road and is open every Mon-Sat from 11am-7pm.


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